About Odiz

The story of ODIZ Safety

Odiz Safety LLC strives to provide “Safety Through Innovation!” Odiz safety products are proudly engineered and made in the USA. By not outsourcing our products, we are able to sustain the quality while helping to secure the future of American manufacturing. Joseph Gasparino is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner and inventor that brings “Safety Through Innovation” to life. He has synthesized an innovative process that combines safety, Lean Six Sigma, and engineering to solve the “unsolvable” safety issues. He is focused on eliminating industrial safety problems with electro-mechanical automation, while generating productivity gains and costs avoidance for American businesses.

ODIZ Safety LLC offers “Safety Through Innovation” by the following Pillars:

  • Risk Innovation by combining Safety, Six SIgma, Lean & Engineered Solutions
  • Engineered Solutions to solve the “unsolvable” safety issues
  • Products like the Patented No-Go™Grinder Safety Guage & the No-Go™Grinder Safety Stand
  • Services with data capture, work flow management, and root cause tracking
Joseph P Gasparino Jr.

Joseph P Gasparino Jr.

Founder of Odiz Safety LLC

Joseph Gasparino is the Founder of Odiz Safety and is also a Founding Partner at Viewpoint Results, an operational excellence consulting company. Joe’s passion is combining engineering, safety, and lean for innovative results.

David Gay

David Gay

VP of Sales at Odiz Safety LLC

David Gay is an engineering graduate of Texas A&M University. For the past 25 years, he has been in marketing and business development roles within the aerospace field. David has expertise in federal government acquisition and has successfully lead capture teams for multi-million dollar aircraft powerplant maintenance, repair, and overhaul contracts. He also has experience with sales to provide overflow capacity to large oil and gas service companies in Houston, Texas. Expanding into this market included sales, company qualification, pricing new products, as well as relationship building within a new market.

Kurt Wyatt

Kurt Wyatt

VP of Operations at Odiz Safety LLC

Kurt Wyatt is the VP of Operations at Odiz Safety LLC and focuses on creating, engineering, and problem solving on production. He executes “safety through innovation” to your unsolvable safety challenges.

ODIZ Safety LLC Timeline

Featured in OH&S Magazine

ODIZ Safety Featured in OH&S Magazine (Dec 2016)

ODIZ Safety was featured on the cover of OH&S December 2016 Magazine, “Combining Safety Job Hazed Analysis & Lean Six Sigma to Improve Machine Guarding”. This article outlines the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand and the ODIZ Unique JHA/LSS Process to generate the innovation.

No-Go Grinder Safety Stand

No-Go Grinder Safety Stand (2016)

Even since the No-GoGrinder Safety Gauge was patented, Joseph Gasparino was immediately thinking of a product to supersede the No-GoGrinder Safety Gauge. With his engineering, machine safety, and lean autonomous thinking, Joseph designed and submitted a patent for an autonomous bench grinder. Design, patent submittal, and production has commenced in 2016. All No-GoGrinder Safety Stands are designed and manufactured in America, with as many American sourced raw material and components as we can find.

Universal Replacement Guards

Universal Replacement Guards Designed (2012)

While in the industry Joseph Gasparino noticed replacement parts were difficult to obtain and was getting several requests for them. As a result, Universal replacement toolrests and tongue guards were designed. This product has two benefits 1) the industry get a safer more durable guard (made with ¼” aluminum versus standard sheetmetal) and 2) it provides a lower cost solution versus replacement of the entire benchgrinder. This endeavor has also allowed Odiz Safety LLC to pivot into the No-GoGrinder Safety Stand

No-Go Grinder Safety Gauge

No-Go™ Grinder Safety Gauge Patented (2010)

Although No-GoGrinder Safety Gauges were sold under a patent pending status, the patent got approved in 2010 and solidified the future for Odiz Safety LLC. To heighten awareness, Joseph opted to give 1 free grinder to every organization in the hopes of preventing injuries, a practice that still exists today! Click here to get your own!

Magnetic Allen Wrench & more (2009)

Point of Use Tooling (2009)

With Joseph Gasparino’s Lean background, he as always tried to promote productivity gains through safety. Since he recognized that injuries could occur because no tools were around to adjust the wheels or guards, he designed Point Of Use (POU) magnetic allen wrenches for the tool rest & tongue guards and magnetic/wire adjustable wrenches for wheel changes. Although the bench grinder is a simple machine, its quick use coupled with human factors, makes this a high risk scenario for injuries and fines.

ODIZ Safety LLC Created (2008)

ODIZ Safety LLC Created (2008)

Odiz inventor Joseph Gasparino was working as a safety director at an aerospace component manufacturer when the company had a surprise OSHA audit. The audit resulted in a verbal warning for being in violation of the positioning of their bench grinder’s tool rests and tongue guards. Even though the audit did not include a fine or finding, Joseph thought that there had to be a gauge available to heighten operators’ awareness and prevent this potential hazard from reoccurring. In the following weeks, he researched safety catalogs and the Internet, but found no gauges for bench grinder safety. With the level of hazard and numerous cases of deaths from the lack of compliance within the manufacturing industries, along with his background in engineering, Joseph knew he could design a valuable safety tool. The gauge was prototype and market tested with immediate results…Odiz Safety LLC was born!