Eliminate Workplace Hazards

Eliminate OSHA Fines

Safety Through Innovation

Eliminate Workplace Hazards

Eliminate OSHA Fines

Safety Through Innovation

yearly abrasive wheel machinery citations

average yearly OSHA fines

average yearly OSHA fines

# of fatalities in 2014. 9.4% struck by object/caught in equipment

Let our innovative solutions eliminate your organizations risks.

Safety Through Innovation!

Developing innovative and essential tools for industrial safety.

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ODIZ No Go Grinder Safety Stand

No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand

Bench grinder injuries and OSHA compliance have plagued industries for decades in the form of productivity, employee lost time, and OSHA fines. ODIZ Patent Pending USA Made No-GoBench Grinder Safety Stand will help keep your company be compliant with OSHA’s section 1910.215.

No Go Bench Grinder Safety Scale

No-Go™ Grinder Safety Gauge

Each time before starting up an abrasive wheel grinder, operators can check the size of the work rest opening with the patented No-Go Bench Grinder Safety Gauge point of use tool. The gauge tests gaps within the OSHA standard. (Click to see No-Go Safety Gauge options)

Universal Bench Grinder Tongue Guard

Universal Tongue Guard Replacement

Save money with the Odiz Universal Bench Grinder Tongue Guard replacements. They are sturdy and adjustable and prevent you from having to replace the whole bench grinder. (Click to see more of our universal bench grinder replacement parts)

Making a living shouldn’t have to cost you your life. Workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses are preventable. Safe jobs happen because employers make the choice to fulfill their responsibilities and protect their workers. 

Dr. David Michaels

Assistant Secretary of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health

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