Odiz Machine Guarding Services

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Guarding Assessments

  • Identify Machine Hazards
  • Prioritized Machine Safety Risk
  • Equipment and Machine Guarding Inventory Development
  • Solution Recommendations (OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, etc. with cost estimates)
  • Minimal Site Resource Needs

Design Facilitation

  • Focus on Established Priorities
  • Detailed Machine Measurments
  • Operations and Maintenance Input
  • Design Construction Output
  • Electronic Needs for Interlocks and Electrical Controls
  • Design Sketches with Dimentions and Materials
  • Detailed Quotes

Installation Oversight

  • Materials Drop Shipped Day Prior to Installation
    • • Organize Materials
    • • Coordinate with Installation Team
  • Prepare for Next Install Event if Necessary
  • Audit & Certify Installation for Compliance.

Machine Guarding Assessments

With over 50 years of uniquely combined environmental health and safety, electrical engineering, laser safety, machine maintenance and custom fabrication experience, Odiz provides unmatched experience to solve your company’s most complex guarding safety concerns. Our machine guarding assessment service provides customers with the following:

Identification of equipment specific machinery hazards

Utilizing ANSI machine specific standards, OSHA 1910, NFPA, IEC, and, if applicable, your company’s internal best practice standards as reference, Odiz performs a detailed review of site machinery to identify all potential safety and compliance deficiencies.

Development of current and future state machine guarding inventory

For site machine guarding assessments, you’ll receive a complete machine guarding inventory of your equipment. Engineering controls and guarding solutions are recommended based on deficiencies we’ve identified. This also facilitates ongoing routine operator guarding inspections, internal safety audits and supports equipment maintenance documentation.

Six sigma PFMEA risk ranking of each potential machinery hazard

Every machine component is risk ranked utilizing a PFMEA process. This allows customers rank machine operations by risk. Using this method, severity, frequency of interaction, and controls are incorporated.

A systematic methodology is used to rate the risks relative to each other. An RPN or Risk Priority Number is calculated for each failure mode and its resulting effect(s). The RPN is a function of three factors:

  1. Severity of the effect,
  2. Frequency of Occurrence of the cause of the failure, and
  3. the ability to detect (or prevent) the failure or effect.

RPN = Severity rating X Occurrence rating X Detection rating The RPN can range from a low of 1 to a high of 1,000. Once the RPNs are determined, an Action Plan should be developed to reduce the risks of failure modes of unacceptably high RPNs.

Odiz Published Quantitative Risk Assessment Process:

Solution implementation plan based on risk and budget

With our assessment, we provide budgetary cost estimates for each machine component where a potential deficiency has been identified. The detailed cost estimate along with the risk level, allows for the implementation plan to be based on risk and solution cost. With the included PFMEA, potential risk reduction is easily measured for future state planning.

Improve employee safety and equipment performance

The ultimate goal is to improve employee safety and to ensure operators can perform operational tasks as effectively or more effectively in the future with safety controls in place.

Odiz Machine Guarding Assessment Process

Upfront Virtual Customer Alignment Meeting

Onsite Data Collection & Assessment – Typically 1-2 Days

Detailed Risk Prioritized Report, Machine Component Photo Report, Proposed Solutions, Machine Specific Quotes

Presentation of Results & Assessment Close Out

Odiz Machine Guarding Assessment Cost

High Expertise with Low Overhead

  • 1 Day Assessment $2,850*
  • Every Day After Day 1$2,500*

*Travel & expenses are included.

Odiz has developed the OMG App© to streamline the assessment process, which delivers a high value low cost machine guarding solution.

Next Steps After Assessment

The next steps following completion of the machine guarding assessment are typically:

  1. Customer implements the recommendations utilizing their own internal resources such as maintenance, facilities and engineering.
  2. Customer utilizes Odiz to conduct a machine guarding Design Facilitation
  3. Customer utilizes internal resources to implement and utilizes Odiz to conduct a Design Facilitation.

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How do I schedule a Machine Guarding Assessment?

Call us directly at 860-930-5405 or book using our online assessment calendar.

How long does it take to receive the report?

Typically, the assessment documentation takes from one to two weeks to complete.

Does Odiz perform assessments to meet the OSHA machine guarding standards?

At the very minimum the 1910.212 OSHA machine guarding requirements is referenced however we incorporate the ANSI B11 and NFPA electrical safety standards where applicable. Upon customer request Odiz can perform assessments to ISO 12100:2010, European standards for machine safety (EU and ISO/IEC) and company internal management system policies.

What type of post Risk Assessment support does Odiz offer?

Upon receiving your Odiz Safety Machine guarding risk assessment you will have a detailed machine guarding inventory that meets OSHA 1910 (minimum compliance standard) &/or ANSI B11.19 (Best Practice) assessment. As well as the report you will receive an excel file that allows you to sort the quantitative risk ranked machine hazard analysis. We also include recommendations for customized & standard guarding for the identified hazards. Finally, we provide a budgetary price for every machine covered in assessment which may include up to the following services & products:

How much does Odiz charge for its services?

Machine Guarding Assessments, Design Facilitations, and Installation Oversites are performed at the same pricing structure. Odiz daily rate is $2,850, however multiple days are discounted. Typically. a 2-day on-site assessment is $5,350. This rate covers the onsite data collection, offsite report assembly, virtual close-out meeting and includes most travel expenses. In some cases, travel expenses may vary based on location and/or circumstances. For locations outside of North America please contact us directly for pricing at

What resources is my company required to provide Odiz while onsite?

We request a small area with connectivity to set up a laptop workstation. For machine guarding assessments, we request a point of contact for general and process related questions. This individual does not need to be with the Odiz rep full time throughout the day. For design facilitations, we request that an operations and a maintenance representative be present. Also, we converse with machine operators on specific task related questions during both machine guarding assessments and design facilitations.

Does Odiz offer any other services?

Yes, Odiz has team members with years of EHS management experience. Refer to the other services section for our other service capabilities.

What are the next steps after the risk assessment?

Yes, Odiz has team members with years of EHS management experience. Refer to the other services section for our other service capabilities.

Post Assessment Offerings

Design Facilitations

The Odiz Design facilitation is a process that involves the operator, maintenance, and supervision to design the best guard possible. With total involvement, all aspect has the voice to determine what features may be required, thus creating team buy in. The design facilitations include a summary of the hazard, the OSHA/ANSI references, recommended solutions, and a general sketch of the agreed upon solution.


Odiz Safety has a manufacturing facility focused on building our patented, off the shelf, and custom machine guards. Odiz has the capabilities for any electro-mechanical solution even if it does not exist today. Odiz specializes on making custom solutions.

  1. Odiz Safety is dedicated to “Safety Through Innovation” by developing and patenting multiindustries machine guarding concerns, like our No-Go Grinder Safety Stand and our No-Go Grinder Safety Gauge.
  2. Odiz manufacturing location in South Bend Indiana is a full electro-mechanical manufacturer of machines and machine guarding solutions. Our capabilities include general machining, fabrication, powder coating, and panel electronic integration.
  3. Odiz is not biased to any electrical component manufacturer, thus we can design with components your organization is used to supporting, which may be but not limited to: Panasonic, Eaton, Keyence, Allen Bradley, Omron, and/or many others.
  4. LSS/IoT – Odiz is familiar with many Lean Six Sigma (LSS) &/or Industry 4.0 (IoT) initiatives. If you are looking for advanced machine guarding integrations, Odiz can provide new implementation plans &/or current system integration designs.
Installation Oversight

Serving companies throughout the US we have found the installation oversight process to be the most affordable and effective solution offering. Instead of Odiz have an installation team that travels through the US, it is more economical to utilize your local resources. Those resources could be within your company or even local contractors or their apprentices. The cost for us to mobilize, travel, learn your safety procedures, personnel and plant typically does not bring an economic solution offering. Items that are included within the installation oversight:

  1. Preparation of Odiz delivered guarding prior to installation.
  2. Correspondence of internal &/or contractor labor of installation.
  3. Guidance of team on installation.
  4. Post installation OSHA/ANSI compliance verification.
  5. Preparation for next shutdown targets if applicable.
  6. ODIZ Guarding Guarantee; When a guarding design facilitation was performed with a installation oversight, if the Odiz service representative acknowledges the installed Odiz recommended guard does not meet OSHA compliance, we will supply additional guarding at no additional charge. Does not include installation labor and costs. This also does not include any modification or changes for operations &/or maintenance access point modifications.

In some cases, Odiz may provide multiple recommendations within their risk assessment report. Odiz tries to stress the importance of moving towards engineered controlled solutions, but we understand that in some instances they can cost significantly more and may be more difficult to implement. Thus, administrative controlled guarding is sometime a chosen solution. When this occurs, specific machine guarding safety training should be conducted and done on a regular basis. Since Odiz has the full scope and images of the machine and hazards we can conduct training sheets for you to implement and sustain the training or Odiz perform online or onsite training for the operators, maintenance staff, and supervision. Odiz is available for continuous reoccurring training if desired.

Other EHS Services

In the case of performing a risk assessment, if Odiz EHS services representative notices any additional Environmental, Health, &/or Safety concerns, they may discuss the concerns with the site representative. It may include additional EHS recommendation which could include but not limited to:

  • Laser Safety Assessments and Services
  • Environmental & Safety Compliance Audits
  • EHS Compliance Training
  • Industrial Hygiene Assessments & Control
  • EHS Data Management System Integration
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Machine Guarding Assessments
  • Machine Stop Calculations
  • Machine Specific Energy Control Procedures (LOTO)
  • Sling & Custom Lifting Device Certification & Inspections
  • Noise Assessments & Control
  • Forklift Training & Certification
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • RCRA Compliance & Reporting
  • Wastewater Permitting & Reporting
  • Air Emission Permitting & Reporting
  • EPCRA Tier II & 313 Reporting
  • EHS Specialist Staffing

Laser Safety Services

Laser manufactures come to Odiz to ensure their products are safe for use in the manufacturing environment. We start with a class 4 laser and then design, manufacture and certify it as a safe class 1 laser system for use in the field. With a senior level Laser Safety Officer on staff at Odiz, we provide safety support services to laser users in the manufacturing, construction and medical field. Similar to our machine guarding services, Odiz provides laser safety assessments, design facilitations, and installation oversight as part of our laser safety services. Our machine guarding assessment service provides customers with the following:
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Laser Safety Program Support including
  • Development of the site Laser Safety Program
  • Laser Hazard Evaluation and Classification
    • Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), Accessible Emission Limit (AEL) and Nominal Hazard Zone (NHZ) Determinations
  • Control Measures
    • Engineering Control Measures
    • PPE and Optical Density (OD) Determinations
    • Laser Reclassification
    • Protective Housings
    • Interlocks & Key Controls
    • Equipment Labeling and Signage
    • Laser Barrier and Other Controls
    • Visible and Audible Warning Devices
    • Administrative (Procedural) Controls
  • Laser Safety Training
    • Initial and Refresher for Employees and Supervisors
  • Laser Safety Audits
  • Non-Beam Hazard Support and Controls
    • Exposure monitoring and control from Laser Generated Air Contaminants (LGACs)

Machine Guarding Assessment Feedback


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