ODIZ Machine Guarding & Ergonomic Assessment and Training

ODIZ Safety core strengths are machine guarding and ergonomic training, assessments with solutions, and combining Safety with Lean Six Sigma. There are a couple approached that could be considered:

1) Have ODIZ conduct and assessment and provide a report of the findings as well as potentially quote engineered solutions (if required).

2) We can engage the team further by providing compliance training. Followed by a day of team assessments within the plant for applied learning. Then the 3rd day focusing on Safety + Lean Six Sigma tools to develop the team on hierarchy of controls, mistake proofing, and designing for increased productivity. Lastly ODIZ can take the findings and provide a report with a six sigma PFMEA risk assessment to give the team a prioritize look at the assessment. The report will also provide custom engineered solutions if applicable. This tool is also good for upper management to understand the prioritization of risks and confidently provide funding based on a quantitative risk approach.

Furthermore, programs can be custom made based on culture, team preference, &/or topic emphasis.

At ODIZ Safety, we strive for “Safety Through Innovation” which is emphasized in our “Assessment with Solutions” approach.

Showing our concerns during the plant assessment and walk through with you was the best part of the training. With your team’s  maintenance and engineering background, you actually had the answers for us that made sense.

Maintenance Manager

The methodology for prioritization the machine guarding findings as well as the discussions of types of guarding solutions was the best part of the training.

Plant Engineer

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Observe, Analyze, Innovate, Coach.

Observe | Consultations & Audits

ODIZ Safety provides consultation and EHS audits for routine challenges and special needs problems. Our primary focus is to compliment standard EHS compliance training and audits with the most innovative solutions on the market. If an off the shelf solution doesn’t exist, we’ll develop a solution for you.

ODIZ is committed to perform FREE safety audits for educational institutes. By providing this sevice, we heighten awareness for the talent of tomorrow, thus empowering and motivating the students to keep manufacturing in America!

ODIZ Safety services can provide your business with customized engineered solutions for several environmental and safety issues. From wastewater treatment to customized machine guarding needs, ODIZ is your one stop shop for your most challenging safety, environmental, and health concerns.

ODIZ Safety Services consist of the following:

EHS Engineering Solutions

  • Dust Prevention & Control
  • Machine Guarding and Controls Design, Manufacturing & Integration
  • Noise Abatement Design
  • Industrial Hygiene and Employee Exposure
  • Material Handling & Ergonomics
  • Hazard Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • EHS Management Software Integration
  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment Design & Optimization
  • Hazardous Waste Minimization, P2 & Chemical Reuse Support


  • Multi media EHS Compliance Auditing
  • Regulatory Environmental Reporting
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning & Compliance
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Planning
  • Air Emissions and Wastewater Permitting
  • Environmental Plan Development & Implementation Assistance

Health & Safety

  • NFPA 70E Compliance | Lock Out Tag Out & Solutions
  • Authorized OSHA General Industry Outreach Training (30 & 10 Hour Courses)
  • Certified SafeStart Training & Consulting Services
  • Legionella Management Services
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Radiation and Laser Safety Services
  • Employee Wellness and Pre-injury Intervention

Compliance Management Services

  • Environmental and Safety Training
  • ISO 14001 Assessment and Certification Audits
  • ISO 45001 & OHSAS 18001 Support
  • Back to Work Solutions & Workers Comp Cost Reduction
  • OSHA VPP Gap Analysis and Implementation/Certification Assistance
  • OSHA Program Support, Policy and Planning


Analyze | Advanced Manufacturing Tools

ODIZ’s staff is trained and experienced in solving complex and what can appear to be impossible problems. We are well versed in Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and advanced engineering electromechanical solutions. These tools are coupled with disciplined project management and facilitation of multi-departmental teams to achieve results. Our facilitation skills allow engagement within your organization at all levels, thus maximizing your team’s abilities to innovate and exceed desired results.


  • Theory of Constraints
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Team events/facilitation
  • Advanced well versed business plans and justification

Innovate | Custom Engineered Solutions

Innovate | Custom Engineered Solutions

The ODIZ Safety team leverages their vast backgrounds with the Observation and Analysis phase mentioned above. Coupling the tools, process, team, and advanced engineering background to design and manufacture custom engineered solutions.


  • Eliminated worker comp claims, quality rework, production hours, and significant cost reductions by removing the process via six-sigma tools & reengineered processes to eliminate the hazardous task and saved an estimated $800k/year
  • Redesigned Hexavalent-Chromium coating spray booth minimizing safety exposure, improving quality reworks and usage, reducing delivery time to the customer, and reducing costs to operate
  • Engineered facility multi-coating system make up air and scrubbers which was destroying the facility and rotting it from the inside out due lack of airflow control
  • Redesigned production lines with ergonomics and lean quick change tools
  • Developed the No-Go Grinder Safety Gauge to increase safety awareness
  • Developed the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand to eliminate human factors

ODIZ Safety focuses on eliminating the standard issued PPE and administrative controls mindset and transition to engineered solutions, substitutions, and hazard eliminations. Examples of implemented projects include:


  • Eliminated manufacturing plant dust control problem through redesign of dust collection capture and flow of ceramic and grinding operations resulting in a significant improvement in employee exposure, housekeeping, and quality
  • Reduced noise at a multi-vacuum furnace facility to levels below the OSHA PEL utilizing several noise abatement techniques
  • Managed a waste minimization project resulting in over $200K in annual cost savings by developing an onsite means of reclaiming and reusing potassium hydroxide solution
  • Lead emergency response activities to legionella problem at State of New York manufacturer and developed legionella maintenance and management plan
  • Lead site-wide Energy Reduction Kaizen event totaling $475K in annualized energy savings with payback period of 2.5 years

Coach | Compliance Training & Advanced Mentoring

Although ODIZ Safety can perform compliance training, we recommend you couple it with a consultation and/or audit. Rather than the standard EHS consultanting approach, ODIZ’s objective is to check the compliance boxes all while simultaneously utilizing the Observe, Analyze, Innovate, Coach process. This process will bring your safety continuous improvement efforts and culture to another level.

ODIZ Safety was highlighted in the OH&S (December 2016) Magazine with an article on a process for “Combining Safety Job Hazard Analysis & Lean Six Sigma to Improve Machine Guarding” (JHA/LSS). ODIZ Safety has developed an advanced training module to train your safety professionals and management teams to solve some the most aching complex organizational problems. The training will take the plaguing safety issues within your organization and use the team to develop innovative solutions. We believe in training employees to fish on their own, and not catch the fish for you. To ignite a culture of continuous improvement, the team must be empowered by solving day to day problems together. The JHA/LSS process will achieve this dichotomy. Its crystal clear that focus on safety issues will improve quality, quality improvements will lean to better delivery, and better delivery leads to reduced costs.

Contact us to schedule your advanced mentoring training to solve the plaguing safety issues that exist in your organization.


  • Compliance training coupled with the Observe, Analyze, Innovate, Coach process
  • JHA/LSS certification:
    • Combine Safety Job Hazard Analysis & Lean Six Sigma
    • Select a hazard within the organization
    • Trained & execute a Job Hazard Assessment
    • Trained & execute the Six Sigma Tools
    • Trained & execute the Lean Manufacturing tools
    • Utilized the group to develop innovative solutions
    • Develop a continuous improvement and sustainment plan

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