ODIZ is pleased to announce the strategic launch of our Training Management System. It is a collaboration of many industry niche experts that is offering a different solution to you training programs. As industry professionals we have realized that training implementation, tracking, reporting, and sustaining compliance can be a difficult task, which is why we have collaborated to bring together a training management system built by safety professionals for safety professionals!

“Built by Safety Professionals for Safety Professionals!”

WHY ODIZ Online Training?

  1. 75% Cost Reduction in traditional face to face training
  2. Automated training for timely compliance purposes
  3. Automated certificates
  4. Seamless reporting
  5. Multi-Site capabilities
  6. Multi-department capabilities
  7. Flexible self paced learning
  8. Up to date material
  9. Modules can be customized for your business
  10. Mobility for on the go training, easy accessibility
  11. Increased information retention versus face to face training
  12. Training is standardized and retained during turnover
  13. Specialty task specific training can be developed

HOW to implement ODIZ Online Training?

  1. Downloadable content for front line supervision implementation
  2. Online for salaried employees
  3. Online for entire organization
  4. Online for makeup training
  5. Billing can be tailored to your budget
  6. We are currently developing EH&S training…as well as
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Human Resources
    • Quality
    • & Leadership Development training

Contact us and discuss a custom tailored online training system for your organization.

We know first hand how cumbersome training implementation & tracking can be…let us help you execute!