No Go™ Belt & Disc Finishing Machine


Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 60 in

Eliminate Risks of OSHA Fines & Injuries with a No-Go™ Belt and Disc Finishing Machine


This belt sander included the ODIZ patented No-Go Grinder safety stand which has optical sensors on the work rest. If the work rest exceed the OSHA limit of 1/8″ the belt sander will not start. Engineered safety!

Odiz No-Go Features include:
-Start/Stop button
-Contactor so the machine will not re-start on power loss
-ODIZ Patented Safety sensor Technology on work rest
-Multi-Colored LED for various warnings (Guard/Overload trip/E-stop(if applicable))

VIDEO – Machine sensors and controls 


Select your machine
120/230V Single Phase Units
3 Phase units include transformer in the pricing

We can fit up to 3 standard machines in a crate…take advantage of this fixed cost.

More Information

ODIZ PATENT-PENDING NO-GO™ SENSOR CONTROL SYSTEM – When the work rests are moved out of spec, the machine won’t start!

“We’ve engineered the human factors out of this common machine guarding OSHA Violations and hazardous tasks.”

VIDEO – Machine sensors and controls 

Features and Benefits –

  1. Sensors ensure that the motor will not operate until all safety conditions are met;
  2. Electronic logic and motor-contactor prevent restart after power loss until all safety requirements are met;
  3. Failure-free monitoring of work rest gaps eliminates human error or neglect.

ODIZ Safety was featured on the cover of OH&S December 2016 Magazine, “Combining Safety Job Hazed Analysis & Lean Six Sigma to Improve Machine Guarding”. This article outlines the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand and the ODIZ Unique JHA/LSS Process to generate the innovation.



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