No Go™ Belt & Disc Finishing Machine


Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 60 in

Eliminate Risks of OSHA Fines & Injuries with a No-Go™ Belt and Disc Finishing Machine


This belt sander included the ODIZ patented No-Go Grinder safety stand which has optical sensors on the work rest. If the work rest exceed the OSHA limit of 1/8″ the belt sander will not start. Engineered safety!

Odiz No-Go Features include:
-Start/Stop button
-Contactor so the machine will not re-start on power loss
-ODIZ Patented Safety sensor Technology on work rest
-Multi-Colored LED for various warnings (Guard/Overload trip/E-stop(if applicable))


Select your machine
120/230V Single Phase Units
3 Phase units include transformer in the pricing

We can fit up to 3 standard machines in a crate…take advantage of this fixed cost.

More Information

ODIZ PATENT-PENDING NO-GO™ SENSOR CONTROL SYSTEM – When the work rests are moved out of spec, the machine won’t start!

“We’ve engineered the human factors out of this common machine guarding OSHA Violations and hazardous tasks.”

Features and Benefits –

  1. Sensors ensure that the motor will not operate until all safety conditions are met;
  2. Electronic logic and motor-contactor prevent restart after power loss until all safety requirements are met;
  3. Failure-free monitoring of work rest gaps eliminates human error or neglect.

ODIZ Safety was featured on the cover of OH&S December 2016 Magazine, “Combining Safety Job Hazed Analysis & Lean Six Sigma to Improve Machine Guarding”. This article outlines the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand and the ODIZ Unique JHA/LSS Process to generate the innovation.



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