Odiz Safety Anti-Restart Start/Stop/Estop Enclosure


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Looking for an Anti-Restart Enclosure with a Start/Stop/Estop configuration?

Made in the USA!

Contact us at sales@odiz.com if you have any questions

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Odiz Safety Anti-Restart Start/Stop/Estop Enclosure

Made in the USA

Start/Stop/Estop Configuration

Rated for 120Vac @ 10 Amps (For other configuration contact us at Sales@odiz.com)

Enclosure is 6.5″ width x 8 1/4″ Tall x 6″ Depth (Depth including switches)

Enclosure is steel constructed to withstand industrial conditions.

Good for general use machines like Drill Presses, Bench Grinders, Buffers, and general shop usage.

Our enclosures are made to be hardwired for not possibilities of bypass, if you desire plug cords there is an option for that.

There is a 10 Amp circuit breaker for employee and machine protection


Simply mount to machine, Wire in 120Vac, Wire machine in

Lead-time is typically 1-2 weeks, but could be based on stock and demand conditions


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