Custom Belt Guards

ODIZ Custom Belt Guards

ODIZ can custom engineer and manufacture any belt guard based on 4 easy measurements.


ODIZ Safety LLC can design and build your custom belt guards

Designing with safety, maintenance, and Lean Six Sigma considerations are proactive long term success. Aftermarket guarding and older equipment can be challenging. ODIZ couples years of maintenance, safety, engineering, and lean six sigma to design and build usable long lasting guarding.

Our Belt guards are designs and built with the following considerations and benefits:

  1. Low cost design process through lean manufacturing
  2. No Site visit costs, 4 easy measurements required for our design
  3. Split backing for easy maintenance installation (You don’t have to take off pulleys)
  4. Durable welded mounting brackets to withstand vibration
  5. 1/2″ x 6 expanded metal on edge for easy preventative maintenance belt inspections
  6. Removable lightweight cover for belt changes and preventative maintenance
  7. Double powder coated to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  8. MADE in the USA!



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