UFIT Slider Lathe Chuck Guard


Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 16 in

Odiz UFIT Flip-up Lathe Chuck Guard

Universal Lathe Chuck Guard YOU adjust to your machine & application

Video – UFIT Presentation

Video – UFIT Slider Guard Adjustments

This is how wide you want the guard based on your chuck depth.

The Odiz UFIT is designed to accept and interlock switch at any given time

More Information

Odiz Safety UFIT Lathe Chuck Guard

Universal Lathe chuck guard, that YOU adjust for you machine and application.

Video – UFIT Presentation

Video – UFIT Slider Guard Adjustments

The mounting system is designed for all in one mounting options; Back mount, flush mount, top mount.

You can get the interlock switch now, or add it later with no modifications required.

Select you guard width from 12″, 11″, or 10″ – if you need something custom, visit our custom sliding lathe guards

Odiz UFIT Benefits:

  • Optional interlock without any serious bracketry upgrades or costs
  • Shipped as a complete kit to cover all sizes and variations
  • 1 Universal Sliding Lathe Guard Kit that you adjust for guards >25” (Slider)
  • Elimination of EH&S and purchasing confusion of sourcing lathe guards


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