Odiz Anti-Restart Interlocked Drill Press Mill Lexan Guard


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

More Information

VIDEO: Full video Overview, functional overview, functional tests, and conclusion 

VIDEO: Demonstration of RESET Recognition option and guard feature overview 

Odiz Interlocked Drill Press Mill Guard

This is an all in one solution that is designed and built in the USA that includes:

  • 120-Vac power controls
  • Drill Press will not start without guard in place
  • Start/Stop controls
  • Motor power drops out on power loss
  • Latching E-stop (cuts power to drill motor and circuitry)
  • Optional RESET recognition feature
  • Inline 10/15-Amp Circuit Breaker for motor/employee protection
  • Double safety switch on guard mechanism
  • Adjustable height for work piece variation
  • Custom Lexan/Polycarbonate shields to fit you operational needs (Standard Size 6″ Height X 12″ Wide)
  • 24″ stainless shaft for Industrial environment; guard travel based on guard size. (Optional 36″ & 48″ lengths)
  • Aluminum guard fittings and Stainless guard bar for Industrial environments
  • OSHA/ANSI compliant
  • UL Listed enclosure and electrical components
  • 120-Vac 8′ cord
  • 120-Vac 1′ plug


  • Custom shaped can be done as well
  • In some instances, there are machine functions on the side of the drill press, thus an optional mounting bracket extensions may be required.
  • Standard 24″ stainless bar can be upgraded to 36″ or 48″ length

Easy to install:

  1. Mount to drill press or mill
  2. Align height of guards
  3. Plug the Odiz unit into a standard 120-Vac socket
  4. Plug the drill press into the Odiz interlocked Unit
  5. Recommended to remove existing machine hard switch


Built to order 5-10 working days but could vary based on quantity and material position.


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