No Go™ Grinder Safety Stand

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Eliminate Risks of OSHA Fines & Injuries with a No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand

Pick From 5 options:
1) ODIZ retrofits your current Bench Grinder
2) NEW 6″ Bench Grinder
3) NEW 8″ Bench Grinder
4) NEW 10″ Bench Grinder
5) Customize your own solution

– New or Used Bench Grinder
– Stand with Electronic Mods
– Electrical Contactor Package
– Sensor Amplifiers
– Power Supply
– Control Module
– Tongue Guards
– Tongue Guard Sensors
– Work Rest Guards
– Work Rest Sensors
– Eye Shields
– Bolt Installation Kit
– Guard Adjustment Tool
– Water Pot
– Working Light
– No-Go™ Grinder Safety Gauge (Magnet)

– Electronic Breaking
– Dual Hard wheel 1 Fine, 1 Course Wheel, OR
– Single Hard wheel & Wire Wheel
– No-Go™Grinder Safety Gauge (Lanyard Optional)
– Dust Collector (Optional)



Support Videos:
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand Video
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand HOW-TO Video 
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand – Patented Sensor Test
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand 360 Walk-Around of Baldor with Dust Collector
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand 360 Walk-Around of Baldor RETROFIT
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand 360 Walk-Around of Palmgren/Dayton New Bench Grinder

“We’ve engineered the human factors out of this common bench grinder OSHA Violation and hazardous task.”

A Partial List of Fatal Accidents Involving Grinders
Accident Date Fatal SIC Description
201270436 12/21/1997 X 3321 Struck By Fragments From A Broken Grinding Wheel.
170104749 3/1/1997 X 3321 Struck By Broken Grinding Wheel Piece
14317374 10/26/1995 X 3322 Employee Killed When Grinding Wheel Disintegrates
14409858 8/3/1995 X 1799 Employee Killed When Struck By Grinding Wheel Fragment
14524904 10/4/1994 X 3321 Struck By Exploding Grinding Wheel
773903 7/3/1991 X 3599 Employee Killed When Struck By Broken Grinding Wheel
767228 10/12/1990 X 3321 Employee Killed When Struck By Pieces of Grinding Wheel
Source: OSHA Database 1990 – 1997

Bureau of Labor Statistics – 

> Average hand injury claim:  $6000.00

> Average worker’s comp claim:  $7000.00

> Average severed tendon injury: $70,000.00

National Safety Council –

> Laceration: $10,000.00

> Stitches: $2,000.00

OSHA citations and fines annually due to abrasive wheel machinery non-compliance: $703,404.00 

VIDEO: Understand the risks of depending on Human Factors to maintain proper Guard Gaps! 

Features and Benefits –

  1. Sensors ensure that the grinder motor will not operate until all safety conditions are met;
  2. Electronic logic and motor-contactor prevent restart after power loss until all safety requirements are met;
  3. Failure-free monitoring of work rest and tongue guard gaps eliminates human error or neglect.

Cost Justification & Bench Grinder Risk Assessment

The No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand patented grinder motor activation sensory does not occur until all safety conditions are met (Left Tongue Guard <1/4”, Right Tongue Guard <1/4”, Left Toolrest <1/8” and Right Toolrest <1/8”. If any of the OSHA required distances are not met, the machine will not start.

The No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand is also controlled by contactor logic thus reset on power loss conditions are met per 1926.304, .304(f)

Lastly the stand is required to be bolted down per 1910.212(b). All potential hazards are engineered out with the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand.

The No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand is the safest bench grinder on the market and aligns with Odiz’s motto, safety through innovation!

The bench grinder stand is constructed of steel (painted safety yellow) with a base size of 12” x 12”, a stand height 33-1/2” (plus grinder height), and can securely hold bench grinders. For use with most 6”-10” bench grinders. Includes base with mounting holes, top table with 5” distance slots. Slots for mounting of grinders or water pot (not included).

The No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand shipping leadtime will be based on options selected.


Nobody in Education wants to make the dreaded call to a parent that their child was injured at school due to a machine guarding issue.

Simply put, there are bench grinders and other manual guarded machines in your school’s welding, machining, engineering, wood shops, and even maintenance departments that are a high risk for injuries.

Those machines even with the best administrative training and supervision, are extremely dangerous. When that accident happens, the student, teachers, and parents will be traumatized forever.

The liability risk for the school is in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Don’t wait for the accident to occur, take action today.

Contact ODIZ Safety today to request a quote!

Manufacturing / Industry:

Wow! Who would have ever thought a simple bench grinder could tear up someone’s hand as bad as it did Bob’s this morning? 

The call from the hospital was good news, he still has all his fingers, but required 12 stitches and he’ll need some physical therapy to get full range of motion back. 

Our general manager is going to be on my back about how this happened! Plus, he’ll want to know how long Bob is out, what is our workers comp payout. 

And, oh yeah, what about the OSHA inspection that just got scheduled! Who knows what all this is going to cost? 

This has been a terrible day, all because the tool rest on the bench grinder was too far from the grinding wheel. 

We have procedures and the guys know to inspect the clearance every time they use the machine. I guess everyone has just gotten lax.


ODIZ Safety hopes the above scenario never happens to you or your company! We have developed the No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand

It eliminates OSHA 1910.215 Work Rest & Tongue Guard violations and Injuries with ODIZ Patented No-Go™ Safety Controls.

Contact ODIZ Safety today to request a quote!


Your group just got written up for the 5th time for a simple bench grinder being out of adjustment!

You are not happy because it’s created a mound of corrective action paper work and writing up employees because they didn’t listen to you the first four times.

Also, your group now has a red flag from the safety office for multiple violations. The bench grinder is such a simple machine – there has to be a simple answer to assure it’s set up correctly.

Well, now there is with the ODIZ Safety No-Go™ Grinder Safety Stand! Don’t wait for another bad safety audit, or worse, an accident!

Contact ODIZ Safety today to request a quote!

ODIZ Safety LLC – Duns #: 080380452 and Cage Code: 7PX28.

Workers Comp Insurance Carriers:

OSHA estimates employers pay $1 Billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs.  – Associated Benefits and Risk Company, 08.04.15

One of the least expected injuries in the industrial workplace is at the grinding wheel.

How can a trusted insurance provider add value for their clients and reduce workers’ comp claims?

Take the human factor out of safety.

Discover ODIZ Safety’s patented No-Go™-Grinder-Safety-System.

Contact ODIZ Safety today to request a quote!

ODIZ Safety was featured on the cover of OH&S December 2016 Magazine, “Combining Safety Job Hazed Analysis & Lean Six Sigma to Improve Machine Guarding”. This article outlines the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand and the ODIZ Unique JHA/LSS Process to generate the innovation.


Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 50 in

3 reviews for No Go™ Grinder Safety Stand

  1. Hugh Johnson

    Outstanding innovation. Taking the human error factor out of workplace safety.

  2. Michael Youngs

    Students loved the grinder. They felt safe when they ran it. Had awesome comments from visitors during open house. Company made great improvements over old machines and we are having them do two more.

  3. Josh Iserloth

    Grinders are one of those items that we rely on employees to check to make sure they are in spec, with the ODIZ set up that issue is eliminated and takes the worry away when you have an inspection. Great product!

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