2 Hand Control Safety System


Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 36 in

Are you looking for a turnkey solution for your pneumatic presses?

Design and Build in the USA!

Contact us at sales@odiz.com for you custom solution

VIDEO: to outline the basic and optional features of our system

This include the four sets of cable required to integrate the safety valve.

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Looking to expedite your time and costs to compliance with a turnkey 2 hand control safety system solution?

VIDEO: to outline the basic and optional features of our system

Odiz Safety has designed and built and complete solution which includes:

  1. Designed and built in the USA with 11 gauge heavy duty steel power coated safety yellow
  2. 2 hand control safety touch switches
  3. Safety rated controller with safety rated relay outputs
  4. DC power supply
  5. Latching Estop
  6. Manual reset
  7. 120V AC plug
  8. Manual reset

Upgraded Options include:

  1. Enhanced safety displays
  2. Pneumatic Safety Valves
  3. LED Lighting
  4. Custom Enclosures

Leadtime is typically 3-5 weeks but could change based on demand and component availability.

Contact us today to discuss options regarding you application.


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