VTL Vertical Turning Lathe Guard


Weight 1 lbs

VTL Vertical Turning Lathe Chuck Guard

Vertical Sliding Guard


Made in USA 



This will not be the guard diameter, we will confirm that during the approval drawing process.

Based on the distance from the table to the floor & guard height desires; you may need a single, double, or triple slider.

Many configurations of metal & lexan; reach out to us if you don’t see what you desire.

NOTE: don’t forget to add table height to overall guard height. For the Double Door Slider, this dimension will be for EACH door.

We have custom brackets for floor mounted and machine mounted configurations

Built to Specification – optional interlock (Switch only)

You have the option to pick just a switch or a complete control enclosure.
This enclosure is designed for integration into the machines START/STOP circuitry.

If you select an RPM detection interlock system, you may required extended length wiring based on your desired enclosure location.

More Information

The OSHA/ANSI expectation is that the VTL guard is completely covering the work piece and the VTL chuck. This initiative prevents the operator from reaching under, over, and through, thus prevents the operator from getting pulled into the machine. Additionally, they expect the guard to remain up and locked in place until the table comes to a complete stop. Odiz Safety has a solution that is up to but not limited to the following options:

VTL Vertical Turning Lathe Chuck Guard

Built custom to you machine diameter.
Vertical Single/Double/Triple Door Guard
Lexan, metal, or combination guarding
Guards are counterbalanced for ergonomic lifting
Leveling bolts for main post
Heavy duty counter balancing chain
ANSI approved Lexan
Handles for ergonomic usage
Powder Coated Safety Yellow to withstand harsh conditions
Optional hard switch or RFID interlock systems
Optional Single or Dual Lateral Door Extensions
RPM detection system with lockable solenoid/interlock
Interlocked access side doors are optional
Dual Flexible Task/Work Lights Optional

Custom Build a solution tailored to your option today!



Example of 57″ Schiess VTL Guard 

Example of 54″ Bullard VTL Guard 

Published Article:

How to Assess and Design Guarding for Older machines – Bullard VTL Case Study 

If you want a custom application, feature, or different design contact us at sales@odiz.com and we’ll get you a custom quote.

Lead time is typically 3-4 weeks but could vary based on backlog &/or material availability.

Pricing is based on shipping on your organizations Freight account.


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