No Go™ Technology – Machine Guard Verification System

Eliminate Risks of OSHA Fines & Injuries with a No-Go™ Technology

– Start/Stop/E-Stop
– LED for Guard Fault
– LED for Overload Trip
– Electrical Contactor Package
– Sensors
– Power Supply



ODIZ has taken its Patented Machine Guarding No-Go Technology and put in a box for flexible use.You can mount and install this unit on any machine guard you wish to engineer control on. You can use the sensors to verify guards are in place as well as guard distance monitoring. This upgrade package will also offer Start/Stop/Estop upgrade as well on a contactor circuitry for power loss drop out.

Support Videos:
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand Video
ODIZ Safety No-Go Grinder Safety Stand HOW-TO Video 
ODIZ Safety No-Go Enclosure Example Video
“We’ve engineered the human factors out of this common bench grinder OSHA Violation and hazardous task.”

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ODIZ Safety was featured on the cover of OH&S December 2016 Magazine, “Combining Safety Job Hazed Analysis & Lean Six Sigma to Improve Machine Guarding”. This article outlines the No-Go Grinder Safety Stand and the ODIZ Unique JHA/LSS Process to generate the innovation.


Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 50 in


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