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When you are in reaction to a compliance issue, ODIZ Team can perform the Risk Innovation process and couple it with our design and manufacturing group to produce a innovative solution.

Have you been cited for 1910.212, general machine guarding? ODIZ Safety uses and unique approach to assess, design, mitigate &/or eliminate your risks. To mitigate your Compliance Reaction, ODIZ Engineering Solutions process consists of the following:

1) Risk Innovation – ODIZ LSS Team will preform the Risk Innovation Assessment Process to expedite the Solution

2) Design – ODIZ Engineering team will use Design Thinking for Mechanical & Electrical solutions.

3) Manufacturing – ODIZ Manufacturing team can prototype OR build the solution, as well as field installation

4) Services – ODIZ Services team to update Lock Out Tag Out Processes and provide the necessary training

Engineered Solutions Examples:

  • Brazing process to eliminate ergonomic workers compensation claims
  • No-Go Grinder Safety Stand, to eliminate 1910.215 violations and injuries
  • Custom machine guarding with electronic interlocks
  • Power Isolation Design for Maintenance Risks
  • Aftermarket Machine Guarding on weak OEM Design

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